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The best thoughtless Secret Santa ideas

What is the most disappointing Secret Santa gift you can come up with for a £10 budget? Have you received a gift that ranked as a 5/5 on the “couldn’t give 2-shifts about my co-worker” scale? Or perhaps you’ve pulled the booby prize name from the hat this year and you need suggestions for someone [...]

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How can I stop my milk being stolen?

Using a totally scientific research from our exclusive source (The Internet) here is our list of the best ways to stop your milk being stolen….. Top 5 ways to avoid your milk being pinched: Go to UdderLok.com and buy a milk bottle lock Add green food dye to your milk – but could you drink [...]

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Top Christmas Stocking Filler Gifts For Students

Want the ultimate stocking filler gift for the student in your life? Here are our top 10 suggestions: UdderLok – Finally you can stop your student moaning about those milk pinching Udder-Plucker housemates (udderlok.com) Wire cutters for the great escape - Manchester students – this is one for you (diy.com) A six-pack beer belt (prezzybox.com) [...]

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Top presents for father’s day

Picking a present a dad would like and actually use is much like Colonel Decker and his army firing at the A-Team van – there’s usually sod-all chance of getting a hit. So what makes a decent Father’s Day present? As a dad of little ones myself it’s down to my wife to [...]

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5 reasons you need Udderlok

1. Free milk at work - don’t need one do you? The firm pays for milk .... except that come 2pm it’s all gone. And why? Well, it’s Freya isn’t it? The Louboutin wearing “hard up” graduate who uses it all on her bloody cereal. Lock some away for your afternoon tea and [...]

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