Want the ultimate stocking filler gift for the student in your life? Here are our top 10 suggestions:

  1. UdderLok – Finally you can stop your student moaning about those milk pinching Udder-Plucker housemates (udderlok.com)
  2. Wire cutters for the great escape – Manchester students – this is one for you (diy.com)
  3. A six-pack beer belt (prezzybox.com)
  4. Toilet alarm – no one likes a bog-hog (guesswhhatIforgot.co.uk)
  5. Face beer mats – trust me these are brilliant and I should be too old to find them funny (notonthehighstreet.com )
  6. Sir Perky’s bottle stopper, cork screw and bottle opener set – you can imagine the joke without even searching for it can’t you? (etsy.com)
  7. Rainbow toast rack – student only ever eat toast if I recall my days on campus (glow.co.uk)
  8. Design your own warning sign … like… “Headphones must be removed at dinner to avoid slap around the head”…. come on, you can do better than I can at this (vistaprint.co.uk)
  9. A book on how to deal with debt collectors…. for the student with a love of shopping (amazon.co.uk)
  10. A metronome for that student with no natural rhythm (wish.com)

So you see, you can have a list of gifts without a Covid facemask in it… By the way, I take no responsibility for whether these will be a success or not, apart from the UdderLok which I can personally endorse.