Picking a present a dad would like and actually use is much like Colonel Decker and his army firing at the A-Team van – there’s usually sod-all chance of getting a hit.

So what makes a decent Father’s Day present?

As a dad of little ones myself it’s down to my wife to pick something ‘from the kids’ which is completely nuts, but how it works. So what would I like? A DeLorean, preferably, but the £10 budget won’t stretch so it’s down to looking at Machine Mart for a tool I might want – always pleasing to get a new a tool in your hands (no smutty comments please).

Or perhaps a comedy mug I can take into the office…. If I could get into the office.

Either way the best Father’s Day presents for under a tenner I’ve seen or had over the years have been:

·Personalised mug with picture from a favourite TV series from dad’s childhood – Miami Vice… I know, I know

· UdderLok…. to stop those thieving co-workers pinching dad’s milk

· A model of something dad would like a full sized version of… yes, a DeLorean

·Snazzy metal key ring for the car to replace the dealership one – can appreciate that one every day

·A t-shirt with a retro design – in this case a favourite old car… i’m not going to say which one again

·A game to play with the kids – which makes load of sense doesn’t it? – Orchard toys Racing Dragons was a winner, as was Buckaroo

·Some proper protective gloves for gardening activities like lifting rocks and hedge trimming

·A soldering iron – who wouldn’t want to master the art? And it helps fix broken kids toys

· A book about something dad cannot afford or do themselves – history of Ferrari, the world’s biggest bridges or somesuch

· Anything relating to the BBQ… we dads are the kings of the BBQ –

So good luck mums and kids. Hope you have more luck than Colonel Decker….